Services & Rates

We offer Social Based Cage Free Boarding, Doggie Day Care, Pet Sitting, Daily Check In Visits, Pet Photography, Pet Concierge & Chauffeur Service (pet taxi & product delivery), Outreach, Pet Rescue, Foster Care, and Home Sitting Service.

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Pet Care Meet and Greet Consultation

We schedule a visit some time before you are scheduled to use our services. There is no charge for this one time consultation. During this visit we will get information about your pet’s personality, usual daily routine, diet, and any health issues, or medications. This ensures that they stay on their schedule as much as possible. We also like to know your pet’s habits, favorite toys and treats, likes and dislikes, and any information to help us create a schedule customized to meet the needs of your pet. Making your pets feel loved and as happy, stress-free and comfortable as possible in your absence is very important to us.


Cage Free Boarding (Sleep Over)

During the initial consult we will set a drop off & pick up times. We will also go over activities they are allowed to participate in during their stay. (i.e. swimming, walks, special treats, etc.) Pets will stay with us & hang out with the family. We really love having them. We accept a limited number of pets for our social based boarding, so that we can insure that each animal receives quality attention & care. Reservations need to be made in advance and drop off and pick up is always by appointment. Please contact us for additional detailed information if you are interested in boarding with us.

Boarding $45.00 per night for first pet.
Additional family members $25.00 per night.
Pet taxi pick up and drop off $20.00 per trip.

All Pets must wear I.D. tags and/or be microchipped while under our care.
For all pets safety Vaccinations or valid Titers test results are recommended as per your pet’s needs and veterinary advice.


Pet Sitting

In Home Pet Care fees are charged per visit. Every one is different because your pet’s schedule is tailored to their needs. It is up to you, based on the needs of your pet(s), as to how many visits per day will be best for them. In home care includes all pet care needs, feeding, watering, cat litter scooping, playing, medications, cuddling and lots of love, tummy rubs & spoiling!

In Home Pet Care rates begin at $25.00 per visit within our service area.
Additional types/species of pets are $3.00 per type per visit. (i.e. cats, dogs, bunnies…)                                                                                                             Rates include up to 3 pets, additional pets are $3.00 per pet.                               Holiday Surcharge of additional $7.00 per visit will be added on major holidays.

All Pets must wear I.D. tags and/or be microchipped while under our care.


Doggie Day Care

Spend the day with us, playing and hanging out with other furry friends :)  We all have lots of fun! During the consult we will go over activities they are allowed to participate in during their stay (i.e. swimming, walks, special treats, etc). All Day Care guest must get along well with other dogs and with people. For the safety of all, we can not allow any aggression. Owners will have to pick up their animal and we will not be able to accept them back in our program. Please contact us for additional information and agreements if you are interested in Day Care.

Day Care Service is $35.00 per day.
Reservations: drop off/pick up times must be arranged prior to day of care.

All Pets must wear I.D. tags and/or be microchipped while under our care.
For all pets safety Vaccinations or valid Titers test results are recommended per your pet’s needs and veterinary advice.


Daily Check In (Mid-Day Visits)

Mid-Day visits are great for families who have to be away from pets for long hours every day. A great, fun, mid-day break that gives your pets a chance to get out in the yard, go for a walk, or just enjoy a quiet visit to give your baby some love and special attention.

Mid-Day Service rates are $25.00 per visit.


Pet Concierge and Chauffeur

(Pet Taxi & Supply Delivery)

Let us help with a few errands. Delivery of pet foods* and supplies: cost of supplies + usual delivery rate listed below. *Treats, Foods and products purchased from us do not have a delivery charge. We are happy to provide Transportation to and from grooming, veterinary check-ups and routine appointments. Special arrangements to stay for veterinary appointments if requested.

Pet Concierge and Chauffeur service rates is $20.00 within our service area.


Home Sitting

Home check services are for families with no pets. Many famlies ask us for house/mail/paper checks during the time they are away. Home check services may include watering plants, rotating lights and blinds, take trash cans out on garbage day & back in that evening, and pick up mail & newspapers. We hope to make your home look “lived in” while you are away.

Home Sitting/Home Check Service rates are $20.00 per visit

*All rates are recommended for an average visit and may be subject to change according to your needs and individual circumstance. You are free to contribute more than the recommended amounts listed. Donations over the cost of pet care are tax deductible and greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support of our rescue mission.  


Our Rescue and Foster Care Program

Grace and Hope for Paws, A Pet Rescue, Inc. works to save pets from euthanasia & abuse situations, and to rescue abandoned pets, and adopt them into loving homes. We are an all breed, all species, all volunteer rescue group serving Montgomery County, Texas and surrounding areas.

We are always in need of foster homes! A foster parent loves and cares for a pet until a forever home is found. We provide for all medical care necessary and you provide a roof over their heads, food and LOVE. Fostering is truly a rewarding experience. If you are interested in fostering or have additional questions, please contact us.

We rely on and are supported entirely by private donations and the support of dedicated volunteers. Your donations are tax deductable and greatly appreciated. Please, help us to help them, by becoming a foster, donating toward pet care, or by using one of the services we offer.

We appreciate your support!