Services & Rates

Our dog ranch is not a typical, traditional, boarding experience. Our place is designed to give dogs all of the sights, sounds, & smells of home. Our goal is to keep stress levels low by providing our guest a home away from home. The dogs are not kept in traditional kennel runs. We offer a more natural approach to boarding where they are free to lounge on the sofa and watch TV, settle in by the fireplace and snooze, sit in the shade and watch ducks on the private lake, or bask in the sun on our tranquil four acres. They may choose to play with friends, snuggle with the resident humans, or take a break and relax in their own private room.



We will visit via phone, text, or email; during this consult we will set a day for a trial Day care visit for your dog. You will recieve our service forms via email. In these forms we will gather information on your pets individual needs, and usual schedule. This information ensures that they stay on their schedule as much as possible. We also like to know your pet’s habits, favorite toys and treats, likes and dislikes, and any information to help us meet the needs of your pet. Making your pets feel loved and as happy, stress-free and comfortable as possible in your absence is very important to us.


Your dog gets to enjoy their stay on our four acre site, with private lake, nature walks, enrichment activities, and more. As part of our low-stress environment, we operate by appointment, and implement gradual entry for each guest. We will set a drop off & pick up time at booking.

Many of our clients choose our service because they have been disapointed with the traditional pet boarding options available for their dogs. If you have been discouraged with the institutional feel, isolation, and lack of personal interaction that your dog experiences when housed alone in a dog-run, then you may appreciate our natural, low-stress approach. We offer a personalized service, not a duplicate of traditional boarding facilities. We provide dogs a more natural, home style environment, where they feel comfortable & relaxed. We want your dog to have a pleasant stay, and enjoy a vacation of their very own, giving you confidence and peace of mind.

In our social based program, the limited time your dog may be enclosed is for meals, short breaks, and at bedtime. The majority of their time they are free to do as they choose, and to enjoy themselves as they would in their own home. All dogs are well supervised, and we pride ourseves on the care that we provide. While the majority of dogs staying with us enjoy being social, we are happy to offer options for guest that prefer not to socialize. We will work to meet every guest individual needs.

Activities: We want every dog to feel special, no one is ever left out of any activities they may enjoy, so our rates are all inclusive. You will not be charged extra for our personalized care, one on one time, play group, nature walks, swimming, special diet requirments, medications, extra love, hugs, and snuggles.

Meal Time: We always want your dog to feel comfortable during their stay, so we ask that you provide the food that they are accustomed to at home. We are happy to accomodate any special diets and needs.

Bed time/Lights out:  Each dog gets their own room, with their own bedding, or families can share if they like. No dogs are ever made to feel cramped, or uncomfortable in our care. We do provide bedding, but welcome you to bring your dogs bed. This way they have a little piece of home here with them during their stay to make them more comfortable. We provide calming music, and soft lighting for relaxation. Keeping stress levels low is always our goal.

Behavior: All guest must be able to get along with others. Prior to booking a stay, guest will be asked to pass an evaluation. For the safety of all, we can not allow blatent aggression. We can not accommodate dogs who are known to be destructive. We do understand, and expect, the occasional accidents, but can not allow chronic destruction of property. We can not accomodate a known “escape artist”, if your dog has been known to jump a six foot fence, or to dig out, please make us aware of this. While we love them all, we just do not have the ability to accommodate dog’s who’s behaviors are not suited to our style of boarding

Twenty-four Hour Monitoring: All areas are monitored 24 hours, and Owners live on site.

Vaccines: For all pets safety, vaccines or valid titers test results are recommended as per your individual pet’s needs, and veterinarians advice. We are aware, and appreciate that individual dogs can have different needs, reactions, and sensivities. We also suggest that your dog be on flea preventative per their individual needs. We do take precautions on the premises, but these pest can be picked up anytime dogs are outdoors.

Booking & ReservationsWe do intentionally keep our maximum guest occupancy low. Accepting a limited number of dogs, allows us to insure that everyone staying with us receives individual attention & care. We feel that accommodating a larger number of dogs compromises the excellent level of care that each of our guest deserves. We suggest making reservations as early as possible to ensure your dog’s room. We require a 50% non-refundable deposit, that is applied to your dogs stay, to hold reservations. We can not offer refunds for shortened stays as others have been declined for the room that was reserved for your dog. We understand that things happen, plans change, and cancellation may be unavoidable, if you must cancel during regular season, your deposit, minus a cancellation fee, can be applied towards future bookings if cancellation within 30 days of your reservation. During peak seasons deposits are non-refundable, and are unable to be applied to future bookings. We ask that if you must cancel, please be considerate that due to our intimate size cancellations greatly affect us, so please, let us know as soon as possible. Repeated cancellations may result in denial of services.

What to expect upon Arrival: We ask that you abide by your set appointment times. Upon arrival, we tuck away the other guest, so that we are able to provide your dog with a stress free gradual entry. We give all  incoming dogs a chance to explore, sniff, get familiar with the place, and settle in, then we begin one on one introductions with other dogs. Gradual entry is an essential part of our Ranch, and helps to insure a harmonious group, and enjoyable stay for all.
We implement a stress free exit as well. We again ask that you arrive at your appointed time, to allow for a peaceful exit process. We migrate your dog out of the group and prepare for your arrival. The other guest will again be tucked away so that no other dogs are competing for the attention your dog will be excited to get from you.
Arriving at your appointment time needs to be a priority. Because of the way we operate, late arrivals affect other appointments, and extend the time other guests are waiting. Repeatedly missed appointment times may result in denial of services.

Our mission is to provide a stress free, safe, fun, and happy place for your dog to stay, so that you can relax, and enjoy your time away worry free. We want your dog to feel at home here, and we want you to be confident knowing that they will be cared for as if they are a member of our own family. Please contact us at for more detailed information regarding our boarding services, daycare, & policies, and to request your service forms.

Boarding $45.00 per calendar day.
Daycare play is free to boarding dogs during their stay.

A deposit of 50%, to be applied to total of booking, is required to secure your reservation. Remaining balance due at check in. During Peak Seasons additional charges may apply, and a non-refundable deposit is required to hold your reservation.

All Pets must wear I.D. tags and/or be microchipped while under our care.


Doggie Day Care

Spend the day with us, playing and hanging out with other furry friends 🙂  We all have lots of fun! During the consult we will go over activities they are allowed to participate in during their stay (i.e. swimming, walks, special treats, etc). All Day Care guest must get along well with other dogs and with people. For the safety of all, we can not allow any aggression. Owners will have to pick up their animal and we will not be able to accept them back in our program. Please contact us for additional information and agreements if you are interested in Day Care.

Day Care Service is $35.00 per calendar day.
Reservations: drop off/pick up times must be arranged prior to day of care.

All Pets must wear I.D. tags and/or be microchipped while under our care.
For all pets safety Vaccinations or valid Titers test results are recommended per your pet’s needs and veterinary advice.


We offer exit bath options for our guest at checkout.                                                 Exit baths begin at $25.00

Pet Concierge and Chauffeur (Pet Taxi)

Let us help with transportation to and from your stay with us.
Pet Concierge and Chauffeur service (pick up/drop off) rate is $25.00 + per trip within our service area.

À la carte Menu

Our rates are all inclusive. All care, playtime, activities, one on one time, group play, nature walks, swimming, special diet requirements, medications, extra love, hugs and snuggles are always include with every dogs stay.

Our à la carte menu is our way of offering clients the opportunity to choose additional services that are frequently requested.

Exit Bath– a tidy-up bath, and towel dry before heading home       $25.

DIY Bath– bathe your own dog. We provide shampoo & towel        $25.

Homemade Treats– all organic, dog friendly recipes                       $3.

Night Cap–  turn-down treat at bedtime                                           $3.

Frozen Treats– Pupcicles                                                                $3.

Frozen yogurt

Frozen apple slices with peanut butter

Stuffed Kong– frozen Kong stuffed with your pick from our menu: $3.-$5.

The Sunny Side – eggs and yogurt

Go Bananas – fresh banana and yogurt

PBn’J – peanut butter and blueberry jam

The Elvis – banana and peanut butter

Give ‘em Pumpkin to Talk About – pumpkin

Just Wing It – chicken with chicken stock

Bone Appetite – beef with bone broth

Bacon Cheeseburger – beef, bacon, cheese

Patty Melt – beef and cheese

That’s so Cheesy – mixed cheeses

Veg Out – carrot, pumpkin, green beans

Tutti Frutti – blueberries, apple, banana

Breakfast/Sunday Brunch – eggs and bacon                                 $7.

Homemade Holiday Meals– Vary by Holiday                                 $12.

example:Turkey, sweet potato, green beans & pumpkin

Professional Photo Session                                                        $50.

Seasonal/Holiday Photo Session                                                $35.

Seasonal/Holiday Activity                                                            $25.

Convenience check in / out– after hours by availability             $25.

 *All rates are recommended for an average visit and may be subject to change according to your needs and individual circumstance. You are free to contribute more than the recommended amounts listed. Donations over the cost of pet care are tax deductible and greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support of our rescue mission.  


Our Rescue and Foster Care Program

Grace and Hope for Paws, A Pet Rescue, Inc. works to save pets from euthanasia & abuse situations, and to rescue abandoned pets, and adopt them into loving homes. We are an all breed, all species, all volunteer rescue group serving Montgomery County, Texas and surrounding areas. We rely on and are supported entirely by private donations and the support of dedicated volunteers. Your donations are tax deductable and greatly appreciated. Please, help us to help them, by becoming a foster, donating toward pet care, or by using one of the services we offer.

We appreciate your support!